What is The Design Sprint?
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Save time and reduce risk on new projects

May 14, 2019
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“70% of our projects fail... that’s the nature of the beast”.
This is what a product developer told me last year.

My name is David Bain and I have a tendency to filter things through a “how-can-we-make-this-better” lens. Add to that the fact that I enjoy teaching and you probably have some idea of what’s coming next.

In recent years I’ve wondered how to bring all my strengths to the table, especially to benefit new business endeavours. Said another way, “how do you turn incurable curiosity and the love of teaching into a system that reduces risk?”
It took a few missteps, conversations and experiments but 2018 has convinced me that I’m on to something. A better way to determine viability of your next projects. The business name is Incrementic and we “Reduce risk and save time by rapidly testing the viability of new opportunities”

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What is The Design Sprint?

The Design Sprint is a process that helps teams rapidly test the viability of new projects or products.